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  • Guy Gourley

You'll Make It To The Other Side

I love movies. They inspire me, give me hope and most of all make me feel even when I know I’m running from my life. As sit and meld myself into the story it carries me to a different place. A place that helps me to see things differently, to feel things differently. I laugh at myself sometimes at how I can get so caught up in them. The beauty of the cinematography, the characters and even the conflict. It seems like the conflict and tension always gets resolved and there is mostly happy endings. In life there are not always happy endings but I get the privilege to walk in many people’s lives everyday. It is such an honor to be able to walk with them even when they are in deep darkness so that they are not alone. Yes, at times it is a long road but I’ve learned to rest and not rush them through the process. There are plenty of times I think I know better than God and want to push them through. However, it is always a gentle nudge reminding me that I’m not the counselor, He is the Counselor. It is through His leading that we need to follow. When I’m discouraged and He seems so far away I remember other times when I’ve walked with Him and there has been light.

Maybe you too have been walking a long road. You may be in deep darkness where you can’t see or maybe you are running. This I can tell you, I have run. I have run hard but in the end all my best laid plans were frustrated. It was only when I finally decided to look up and depend on Him that my heart began to sense peace. It was not the peace of this world, but His peace. Did that mean everything worked out great and that I no longer experienced ache. Nope, but it was an ache that helped me to realize there something I needed to look at in my life. I knew that I had not spent enough time on my heart. The scrambling and frenzy of life kept me from stopping and taking time to feel what I needed to feel. If you haven’t in a while, I encourage you to stop and rest. You may need to feel some things that eventually will bring you light again. I know you may be saying, “but if I go there I won’t come back.” That is a lie. It’s a good one, but after 20 years of counseling and 50 years of life I can tell you it is a lie. You will make it to the other side. It won’t always feel this way. There will be a day when once again you can laugh like you used to. A day when things feel lighter and there is joy.

Watch a movie, get caught up in a story and let it inspire you. Watch your heart, get caught up in your story and let Him inspire you. He’s closer than you think. He’s not that far away. Spend time on your heart and feel what you need to feel, let Him give you peace, it is worth it.

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Proverbs 4:23

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